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Fuku Nezumi Lucky Mouse



fuku nezumi 福鼠 lucky mouse / rat

This is a white mouse 白鼠, which brings good luck to a home.
It is the messenger of the Deity of Good Luck, Daikoku.

. Daikoku Ten 大黒天 .

source : upp.so-net.ne.jp

The Lucky Mouse from Shimane


A legend about the white mouse

Once upon a time, a very long time, there lived a grandfather in the village who worked all day long.
Yet despite all his hard work, he was very poor.
Then one day on the second day of January, grandfather had a remarkable first dream in the new year.

Within the sparkling rays of the sun, an old man with a long stick appeared and said:
"I am a messenger of the God. You are really working very hard, but if this continues, you will still not become rich.
If you cut vegetables in the kitchen, you wash the leftovers down the sink and it gets clogged and smells and becomes really dirty.
Go clean the drain and the sewer and see what happens. I am sure, something good will come of it!"
and thus the old man vanished.

When grandfather woke up, he went out and cleaned the gutters.
And whow, a mouse appeared. It was black and very fat.
The mouse came into the house, jumped here and there and even on the Shelf of the Gods in the back room.

It hid behind the white rice cakes that were offered to the gods and after a while the mouse became all white itself, even the face was now white.

From that day on, when grandfather went to work in his fields, the white mouse followed him. With its small paws it dug up and turned the soil and helped the best it could.

Grandfather could work more and little by little, sold his vegetables and made a little money. After a while, his life became quite comfortable.

Well, as with all things, there was an old neighbour who observed all this with great envy.

The neighbour went to borrow the white mouse, set up some rice cakes in his home and tried to lure the mouse. In the evening, he tugged it into his bed and watched what happened from behind the sliding door.

The white mouse nibbled at the rice cakes - kari kari - and at night it produced a good pile of shit. But whow, even the shit seemed to shimmer white.

"Now I see", mumbled the neighbour.

"This mouse eats rice cakes and shits at night, but the shit is all made of silver.
Now I know why Grandpa has become so rich!"

When he looked at the room next morning, there were quite a lot of white mice running around.

"Well, you brought all your friends, my dear!
Thank you so much. That means a lot more shit tonight!"

he grinned all over his face and patted the white mouse on its head.

But whow again, the mouse sneezed a loud "chuuuuz" and suddenly became black again.
Suddenly all the other mise also sneezes "chuuuz" and turned black to real mice.
And even the shining silver shit on his floor turned black ... whow and thus his house was now full of the shit of the black mice.

Or so they told me.
source : hukumusume.com


Lucky Mouse for the Year of the Mouse

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Lucky Mouse, Cat and Daruma

source : www.upsold.com

. Cats and Daruma, Manekineko 招き猫とだるま .

a lucky mouse
for the New Year -
legends of Old


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