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terifuri ningyoo weather



Teri-furi ningyoo, terifuri 照り降り人形 "weather forecasting dolls"

ji-u ningyoo 晴雨人形 "shine and rain" dolls
weather dolls

from Hakone Woodwork
- source and more : www.hakone-zaiku.jp

terifuri ningyoo 照り降り人形, 照降人形
furiteri ningyoo 降り照り人形 "rain and shine" dolls

This is one of the mechanical toy dolls :
. Karakuri ningyoo からくり人形 mechanical dolls .

Little houses with an instrument to measure the humidity.
Some houses come with a little water wheel, some chicken or other farmhouse items.

When it begins to rain, the husband is coming out.
When the weather will be fine, the wife comes out.

Some say these dolls are more correct in their weather predictions than the weather forecast on TV.

weather box ウエザーボックス weather house

I remember this well from Germany:
Wetterhaus, Wetterhäuschen
. . . CLICK here for Wetterhaus Photos !

The Chinese characters 時雨 can also be read
shigure, but that is another meaning
(and is a kigo for early winter)

. WKD : Winter drizzle (shigure)

. teruteru boozu てるてる坊主 "Teru-teru Bozu dolls" .
Rain Rituals, Dances and Prayers (amagoi 雨乞い)



mechanism of the dolls

This is a moohatsu shitsudo kei 毛髪湿度計
measuring humidity with a hair, hair hygrometer

The axis from the bottom sticks out from the humidity sensor and twists in a way that either the man or the woman turn to come out.

The hair of a woman is very sensitive to the changes in humidity. In humidity of 100% it will get longer, about 2 % of its normal length.

The Japanese doll houses were made after seeing some samples from Europe. Some feature a thermometer in the middle of the house.
source : www.bousaihaku.com


from Hakone 箱根, Kanagawa

The roof is usually made like a thatched straw roof.

. Folk Toys from Kanagawa .

more weather boxes from Hakone
source : terihuri


Rakusei 洛西 Western Kyoto
trying to locate a photo.

These weather-forecast doll houses where first made in Kyoto. The woman was carrying firewood to the town from the outskirts of Ohara (大原女 oohara me) .
The man was a kabuki actor playing Gonta, from the play "One Thousand Cherry Trees" (senbon sakura 千本桜 ), a man carrying a bucket.

This pair dates back to a novel by Toita Yasuji 戸板康二
Danjuuro harakiri jiken "団十郎切腹事件"
criminal story about Danjuo comitting harakiri.

There is an old saying in the Shinshu region of Japan (Nagano):


When the rope of the river ferry hangs down in the water, it will rain.
When the rope is tight, it will shine.

. Folk Toys from Kyoto


Terifuri-ishi - Weather Forecast Stone 照り降り石 日光
In the compound of the Toshogu Shrine in Nikko,
there are stone steps for the Ishidorii Torii Stone Gate.
The width of each step gets narrower and narrower when going up. Also, the height of the each step gets lower and lower when going up. THis is for perspective method. Although, there are just 10 steps, it looks higher and further than it really is.

The Terifuri-ishi is located in the center of the 10th step.
The weather becomes bad when the color contrast
between brown and blue becomes stronger.

source : www.nikko-jp.org

. Nikko Toshogu Shrine 日光 東照宮 .


terifuri-gasa 照り降り傘 umbrella for rain and shine

ware mo sasu terifurigasa ya hana shoobu

I will also put up
an all-weather umbrella -
iris flowers

. Mitsuhashi Takajo 三橋鷹女 .


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. Reference .


***** . WKD : Umbrella (kasa)

. Regional Folk Toys from Japan .

. Tohoku after the BIG earthquake March 11, 2011



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Gabi Greve said...

Two districts in the middle of Horie were also called
Terefurechoo 照降町 (てれふれ) Terefurecho, Terefure Cho
(district where it rains (fure) and shines (tere))
The Japanese is also given as (てりふりちょう ) Terifuricho.
since they made umbrellas, raincoats and hand fans, useful items for any weather and the roads were always busy with customers.

The haiku poet Takarai Kikaku 宝井其角 and Hattori Ransetsu 服部嵐雪 also lived in the back quarters of てれふれ町足駄屋 a Geta shop in Terefure Cho.